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New galvanized what ? -Are you talking about galv steel framing ? If so it need no priming. Steel studs are within the wall and do not need any kind of primer or paint.

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Q: What type primer should be used on new galvanized?
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Should the galvanized pipes in your home be rusting after 19 years?

Depends on the water quality and what type of galvanized piping was used

What type of blade should be used for cutting galvanized pipe with a reciprocating saw?


What type of primer used on new drywall?

"Drywall primer" -Yes, -it's called exactly that -right on the can !

What type of primer used with small arms ammunition?


Should galvanized iron pipe be used for water systems?

No. Galvanized pipe is what they used to use, and now should either be replaced with modern type of water pipe such as PEX or copper. COMMENT: Complete agreement. Galvanized served it's purpose and did bring water into a lot of people's homes for a lot of years. That was then, this is now. Today, it would be a dead last choice for a plumbing system.

What type of primer can be used to cover oil based?

As long as the surface is clean and dull, then either an oil or acrylic primer can be used to cover oil-based paints.

What type of nail should be used to hang exterior moulding?

1 1/2"-2 1/2" 8d galvanized finish nail. length depends on thickness of item you're securing

What type of pipe is used from your water meter to house?

Pvc, Wirsbo, Copper, galvenized, pex, or Polyethylene

What paint should be used on the rail around a vinyl pool?

I would sand it down with sand paper then paint with primer. After that apply a outdoor paint. Prep work should be smooth If you really want it to be nice hit the primer with a light sandpaper after the primer coat.

I used primer meant for drywall on an iron bed will it work or what should I do. I have already put gloss on it. It looks okay will it hold up?

If the primer was a water based primer, then you are in trouble. If it was, then you need to strip it down to the metal and use either an oil based primer or I would use a primer made by Rustoleum.

What paint should you use on old plaster to make good before papering?

Drywall primer should be used.

Should galvanized sheet metal be used to patch stove pipe?

Yes, the kind you use for duct work.