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Q: What type plug and gap for 16.5 Briggs and stratton lawn tractor?
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Why does my Cub cadet lawn tractor stall when the deck is engaged?

Mine was doing the same thing, and it turned out one of the plugs was not firing, which turned to be not the plug but the coil for that side (Briggs & Stratton 18hp on an MTD 1650 lawn tractor)

What is the spark plug gap Briggs and stratton 6.5 hp lawn mower?


What is the gap on the spark plug of a 3.5 Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower?

.30 thousands

What is the gap on the spark plug on a 18.5 Briggs stratton lawn mower model31p777 type 0347e1?

What is the gap on the spark plug on a Brigg's stratton lawn mower Model#31P777 Type 0348E1?

What spark plug for Briggs and Stratton 6.75 lawn mower?

American noodles are yummy, but you sound yummier

Correct champion spark plug for 4.75 hp Briggs and stratton engine?

not getting fire 4.75 briggs statton lawn mower

What spark plug does your 5hp Briggs and stratton lawn mower use?

A Champion CJ8Y or J19LM will perform fine

What is the specific spark plug gap for a Briggs and stratton 500 series 158cc push lawn mower?


What is the spark plug gap for 12.5 Briggs and stratton lawn mower?

You can set most plugs at .030 and be safe.

Troy built Briggs stratton engine lawn mower location of oil drain plug?

underneath where the blade is you will see a plug. that's it

What is the spark plug gap Briggs and stratton 5.5 hp lawn mower?

Brigg's and stratton 5.5 hp on the craftsman push mower your gap tool set the gap at .025-030 for briggs 5 hp

What is the correct spark plug for craftsman Briggs and stratton 6.5 lawn mower?

The Briggs and Stratton part number for a standard spark plug is 496018S. You can either buy this exact plug or call around to local lawn mower shops or auto parts providers (NAPA, O'reilly's...) and get them to cross reference the part number to see what other plugs will work.