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Q: What type oil do i use in my Massey Ferguson 124 balers main gearbox?
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Who is the producer of a baler?

John Deere, Case IH/Agritrac, New Holland and Massey are the main companies that produce balers, primarily small square, large square, and large round. The large square baler is the most expensive to purchase. SINOBALER is a specialized baler manufacture based in China. Balers manufactured include cardboard baler, textile baler, bottle baler, tyre baler, fiber baler as well as various kinds of vertical balers and horizontal balers.

How does diesel fuel get in crankcase 255 Massey Ferguson?

Some pos problems include leaking fuel injectors leaks ,fuel pump leaking main injector pump and crack cly sleave

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Where is the fuse box on a Massey Ferguson 1010?

I believe there are only 3 fuses on MF 1010 - in an "open" fuse panel which is situated just under main instrument panel on right hand side - should be just forward of right knee when sitting on seat. Hope this helps.

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