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Q: What type of rock has the largest reservoir of phosphorus in it?
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What is largest type of rock called?

what is largest and the smallest type of rock called?

What is the main reservoir rock type present in the Bombay High field?


What is the world's largest rock type?

the biggest rock in the world is uluru rock known as the ayers rock.

What is the name of the largest type of rock?

The largest individual rock bodies are probably plutons, masses of intrusive igneous rock which may be many miles in diameter.

What is the most common type of phosphorus?

I believe the most common type of phosphorus is white phosphorus's, which is known for glowing in the dark.

What type of element is phosphorus?

What type of element is phosphorus

What is the difference between primary and secondary migration of hydrocarbon?

There are two types of migration when discussing the movement of petroleum, primary and secondary. Primary migration refers to the movement of hydrocarbons from source rock into reservoir rock and it is this type that the following discussion refers to. Secondary migration refers to the subsequent movement of hydrocarbons within reservoir rock; the oil and gas has left the source rock and has entered the reservoir rock. This occurs when petroleum is clearly identifiable as crude oil and gas although the gas may be dissolved in the oil. Buoyancy of the hydrocarbons occurs because of differences in densities of respective fluids and in response to differential pressures in reservoir rock.

What type of bonds are in phosphorus trichloride?

what is the formula for phosphorus trichloride

What is the name of this rock it is the largest stone found on this type of rock?

Graphite is 1000mgl but Calcium Fluorite is 2000mgl. So GraphiteC2g. Hope it helped! Chelsea

The famous rock is the largest stone found of its type?

The Blue Hope Diamond.

What type of bonding does phosphorus pentachloride have?


What type of bond is bromine and phosphorus?