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delta 3dt remote

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Q: What type of remote will work with the lynx 455 doorman opener which is 20 plus years old?
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How do you program a garage door opener keypad for a Lynx ProLine?

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How do you program lynx garage door opener model 455 plus?

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Lynx 455 garage door opener and have bought a skylink universal wireless key pad model G5K you have programed it according to the Linear manufacturer you do receive the beeps but the door does notopen?

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How do you program a garage door opener remote for a Lynx ProLine?

To program the remote to the opener press the RADIO SET BUTTON with a pointed object. The courtesy light will come on for 30 seconds. if the light is already on it will flash once the stay on for 30 seconds. During this 30 seconds press and hold the button on the transmitter until the courtesy light flashes twice. This indicates the code has been accepted. repeat the process to add up to 6 transmitters.

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