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Q: What type of key does your 2007 GMC sierra?
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Where can I buy a turn key engine for a Gmc sierra 3500 v8 6.5 lt turbo diesel?

Turn key engine for a Gmc sierra 3500 v8 6.5 lt turbo diesel can be bought in Ontario - Kijiji Ontario

Does the 2008 GMC Sierra key have a chip in it like the locksmith says?

Yes, the owners manual details how to program your ignition to a new key.

Where is the spare tire key located on a GMC sierra?

in the box under the back seat on the passenger side with the jack and such.

Why do you get four quick warning chimes when you turn key off in 2004 GMC Sierra?

I bet you would be more concerned if it didnt chime

How do you prime the fuel in a GMC Sierra 1996?

Cycle the ignition key on and off several times pausing a few seconds in the on position. This will prime the fuel injection system.

How do you replace the ignition lock cylinder from a 94 gmc sierra 2500 no keys?

It would be easier to go to your nearest GM dealer and have them code a new key from the VIN #.

How do i change the ignition key switch in a 1988 gmc sierra?

Should be able to rent steering wheel puller from part store then pull wheel ta da its in there!

How do you program a 2006 gmc sierra key fob?

visit you have to take it to the dealer or a lock smith, becuase the on board programming option was fazed out ofter 2005

How do you get rid of the oil life reset message on a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 truck?

Check your owners manual. Generally on a Chevrolet or GMC, turn the key to run,do not crank, and depress the gas pedal 3 times within 5 seconds. Turn the key off and then back on and it should be reset.

How do you disable the seat belt alarm on a 2005 GMC Sierra?

Turn the passenger side airbag to the "off" position using your key. It should be to the right of the radio. By putting on your seatbelt.

Are there GMC dealers in California?

There are several GMC dealers located throughout California. If you go on the internet and type in GMC dealers in California, there is a GMC website you can click on that will allow you to key in your city and state to find the nearest dealer located by you.

How do you change the key cylinder in a 1995 GMC Jimmy?

Type your answer here... uninstall 1995 Chevy g m c truck key cylinder