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Permatran III

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Q: What type of hydraulic oil goes in Massey-ferguson gc2310?
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What is a spool type hydraulic valve used to control?

Hydraulic actuators. Also called hydraulic rams or hydraulic cylinders.

What type of fluid goes in hinomoto E16 tractor?

Universal Trans / Hydraulic Fluid (Some Wal Mart Locations, Any Tractor Supply, etc)

Does a Honda Prelude 1998 type sh have a cable or hydraulic transmission?

I think you mean hydraulic clutch. I believe your model is hydraulic.

What type of hydraulic fluid goes in a 1710 ford tractor?

Go to your local parts store or fuel jobber and get a can of Tractor Fluid or your dealer and get OEM fluid. About 50 bucks a can but a lot cheaper than a hydraulic pump failure. Good Luck!

What type of hydraulic fluid could be used for 2000 mustang convertible hydraulic pump?


Does a Series 8 2000 Mazda RX7 have a hydraulic clutch?

Yes. Hydraulic pull type

What type of hydraulic fluid does a hyster fork lift use?

It uses Hyster Hydraulic Fluid

Are bicycle brakes considered as hydraulic action?

depends on the type. There are hydraulic bike brakes, but most are mechanical.

What type of fluid goes in the hydraulic reservoir on a 1990 Chevy 1500?

Anything labeled "GM power steering fluid" or you can also use dexron II or III transmission fluid.

Will it harm the hydraulic system if I use a hydraulic fluid instead of hydraulic oil?

Hydraulic fluid is hydraulic oil.... as for the type you use, depends on your system. I used to own two tractor-trailer end dumps, and I actually used ATF rather than hydraulic oil. Check with the OEM for your hydraulic system before you do this, though.

What type of hydraulic fluid does a New Holland skedsteer use?

Any kind of hydraulic fluid, it is all fundamentally the same.

What is the type of hydraulic baling press machine?

A hydraulic baling press machine is compressing equipment powered by a hydraulic system. A hydraulic baling machine is typically made up of three key components: the machine body frame, the electric system, and the hydraulic system.