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Tempered, also called safety glass.

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Q: What type of glass is used in all car windows EXCEPT the windshield?
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Where is the antenna located on the 1998 Toyota Avalon?

The antenna is an in-glass type located on the rear windshield.

What type of glass is used for car windows?

Toughened or laminated EDIT: Laminated, annealed glass for the windshield. It will be held to gether by the plastic if broken, and not break into shards to cut the driver and passenger. The other windows are tempered, and break into small cubes that don't cut. Classic cars, like '57s chevys, have laminated glass thoughout. Antique cars , like Model T's, had simple plate glass, it caused serious cuts in an accident

What kind of glass is a windshield made of?

Vehicular windshields are made of laminated auto glass. There is a polymer layer between the glass sheets that provides a "flexible strength" to the glass to keep it from breaking into large, sharp pieces. The advantages of this type of glass in a windshield are pretty obvious. Links can be found below to check facts and learn more.

What type of glass to use for summer house windows?

you use the same glass as you use for winter horticultural, standard, or laminated glass.

What type of glass are mainly used on cars?

Laminated glass, used mainly for windshields and tempered glass for the rear and side windows.

What does textured glass do?

If the surface of a glass sheet it textured or patterned it makes it difficult to see through. Thus glass of this type is used in windows where privacy is needed without blocking the light - e.g bathroom windows.

What type of glass is windshield?

The windshield glass that is in most modern automobiles is high optical clarity (purity) Silica Glass. Companies that produce this Glass (Safelite for example) assemble the sheet glass into a composite unit consisting of a sandwich of ultra clear plastic or tinted plastic in between two sheets of tempered glass. Tempering causes the glass to shatter into small pieces rather than into large sharp chunks when it breaks.

What type of machine is a windshield?

A windshield is not a machine.

Does full coverage insurance cover leaks in your windshield?

Depending on the size, shape, availability and type, replacing an RV windshield can cost $1,000 – $5,000. The high cost of replacing a motor-home windshield is due to the glass product itself and the technical skill and labor of the experts who are hired to replace the windshield. Most often, your insurance company will cover the bulk of the cost of a windshield replacement. Some insurance companies will cover windshield repairs and, in some cases, offer additional glass coverage in their policies. RVs are notorious for taking rocks to the windshield, so consider inquiring about additional glass coverage.

Where can I get glass repair in my area?

For windshield repair, there are limitations on the type of repairs that can be made and still maintain your insurance coverage. Investigate thoroughly before proceeding.

In selecting the material for the windshields of automobiles what type of glass would you use?

you would use tempered glass. == Every glass is a TEMPERED glass {during manufacturing} The material{glass}used in windshield is called TOUGHENED GLASS.At the time of an accident this glass breaks into harmless granules and so the persons inside the car are safe.

Are there bullet proof windows that roll down for cars?

yes, presidential cars and the Pope have this glass and other high profile people use this type of glass.