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use ear plugs and don't listen to very loud music.

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Q: What two ways you can protect you hearing?
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Ways to protect your hearing?

One way to protect your hearing is to stay away from loud things without ear plugs or headphones or anything to protect your ears.

What is two ways of protecting your hearing?

Ear plugs and lowering the volume of sound

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How does hearing decrease?

Hearing naturally decreases with age. Decreases in hearing can also be caused by being exposed to very loud noises all the time without any hearing protection. We only get two ears in our lifetime and we need to protect them.

Why should you protect your hearing?

If you don't protect your hearing, your hearing will get worse...and worse...and worse... there are little tiny hairs in your ears and loud noise will damage them. The more hairs tht are damaged, the worse your hearing will be. Hope this helps:)

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1-)Do not smoke. 2-) Get fresh air :)

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