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Pinocchio and dumbo

(ears and nose)

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Q: What two body parts never stop growing?
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What are three body parts that never stop growing?

your skin, your hair, and your nails.

Why does your hair never stop growing?

Why does your hair never stop growing?

Does body hair stop growing?

It doesn't really ever stop growing.

Do your ears stop growing?


When do girls braest stop growing?

21 years old is when your body stop growing.

Are beavers marsipial?

no. beavers are rodents because all rodents have teeth that never stop growing. a beavers teeth never stop growing!

Does your nose stop growing when your 18?

your nose never stops growing

When does a rabbits teeth stop growing?

never. they have insizors which never stop growing. but they where them down by chewing on things.

When does your growth stop?

You never really stop growing, but the average man stops growing at age 25.

When do your lips stop growing?

When other body parts stop growing at about age 21. Of corse each person differs but around that age and their are also exceptions to that rule for example breasts may grow more later when your pregnant.

What can you do to stop the growing of your foot?

i dont think you can. your feet are one of the body parts that grow throughout your lifetime unless you want to try footbinding ;)

Will you stop growing if you'm 13 and am 5'8 and a girl?

medically you never really stop growing until our 21 however it can be possible to stop growing at a younger age