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Hair and nails

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Q: What two body parts continue to grow you whole life?
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Which two parts of your body continue to grow thought your lifetime?

Ears and nose

What two parts of the body continue to grow for your entire life?

Your nose. After adults have reached their full height, some parts of their bodies continue to grow. Name these parts. toenails, fingernails, actually shrink when you grow older because the platelets in between your spinal segments flatten Any part of your body that is made of cartilage continues to grow. As in Ears and Nose. Of course there are fingernails and hair but I wouldn't consider those "body parts." Hope that helped.Your liver heals itself and lives forever unless it loses that capability due to fat, disease, or alcohol. Your nails and hair grow your entire life.

Why does your foot continue to grow?

your foot continues to grow cuz its gud 4 your body

Does everyone grow?

Yes, everyone does grow. Unless you have a diesease where you can't, but other than that, everyone does grow. Your body stops growing at 30 years old and up, but your nose, ears and hair will continue to grow, even your nails, throughout your whole lifetime.

What parts of body still grow when dead?

Sadly, the previous answer was incorrect. Scientists say that the hair and nail of a dead person grow about an inch then stop.

Can people grow back their body parts?


Can houseflies grow back body parts?

No they can not

What parts of your body grow when you are dead?

nails and hair!

Why do some parts of the body grow more than others?

because they are stronger than the other parts of the body

Do hand grow?

all body parts grow due to the increase in number of cells in them.

Which process allows a mammal to continue to grow in size?

mitosis of body cells

Could Porifera grow lost body parts?