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There are quite a few TV shows whose copyrights were never renewed or were renewed improperly and have fallen into the public domain. There is an ongoing effort to determine what is & isn't protected but the list is far from complete.

I've appended a partial list of, arguably, the most popular shows & the number of public domain episodes of each that have been discovered. Bear in mind however that these are not necessarily consecutive episodes or even from the same season. In some cases "special" episodes (anniversaries, births, deaths, etc) were properly copyrighted with an eye towards future rebroadcasts.

Adventures of Jim Bowie 14 episodes Scott Brady

Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 104 half-hour, b&w shows.

Adventures of Robin Hood 80 half-hour b&w shows Richard Green as Robin.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 39 half-hour b&w shows Ronald Howard as Holmes.

Adventures of Sir Lancelot 30 episodes, some in color.

Annie Oakley 24 shows Gail Davis

Beverly Hillbillies 52 half-hour shows.

Bob Cummings Show 20 Shows of "Love That Bob."

Bonanza 31 One-hour color shows

Buccaneers 28 episodes

Cisco Kid -- 32 Color episodes. Duncan Renaldo.

Dragnet 24 half-hour shows

Dusty's Trail 17 color shows with Bob Denver.

Flash Gordon 8 half-hours Steve Holland as Flash.

Frontier Doctor 12 shows with Rex Allen.

George Burns & Gracie Allen Show 13 episodes.

Hawkeye & Last of the Mohicans 13 shows. John Hart.

I Married Joan 24 half hours with Joan Davis, Jim Backus.

Lancelot Link: Super Chimp 3 discs with 24 short adventures. Color, live-action chimps

Lawless Years 24 shows. Great crime show set in 1920s.

The Lone Ranger 16 half-hour b&w shows + 1 color.

The Loretta Young Show 30 half-hours with Loretta

The Lucy Show 30 half-hour color shows with Lucille Ball.

Man with a Camera 29 episodes with Charles Bronson.

Mr. & Mrs. North 32 episodes. Richard Denning and Barbara Britton.

My Little Margie 24 half-hours with Gale Storm, Charles Farrell.

One Step Beyond 56 half-hour shows about the weird.

Petticoat Junction 20 Shows.

Private Secretary 16 shows with Anne Sothern.

Racket Squad 20 shows. 1950's bunco squad Reed Hadley.

Ramar of the Jungle 24 episodes with Jon Hall

Range Rider 20 shows. Jock Mahoney, Dick Jones.

Red Skelton Show 20 half-hour shows.

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger 6 features made up of 3 TV episodes each.

Roy Rogers Show 56 half-hour black and white shows.

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 12 color PD episodes.

Stories of Century Western series with famous outlaws 36 shows.

Trouble with Father 20 episodes with Stu Irwin.

The Veil Boris Karloff supernatural show. 10 episodes.

Victory at Sea 26 half-hour World War-II documentaries.

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Q: What tv show is are in the public domain?
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What television shows are in the public domain?

There are quite a few television shows in public domain. Some of the public domain T.V. shows are "Bonanza", "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Amos 'n' Andy", and "The Dick Van Dyke Show".

Are Amos 'n' Andy in the public domain?

The characters and basic premise are in the public domain, as is the radio show, but the television show and all materials created after 1948 are controlled by CBS.

Is the TV show Pete and Gladys in the public domain?

No. Copyright was renewed in 1988, and the show will be protected through 2057.

What are examples of public domain sites?

Project Gutenberg & Project Bartelby (online public domain book depositories) The Internet Wayback Machine (aka video especially TV archive of public domain programs.

What are the release dates for Public Domain Theatre - 2011 Murder by Television - 1.9?

Public Domain Theatre - 2011 Murder by Television - 1.9 was released on: USA: 28 September 2011

Who owns the copyrights to the tv show Mister Ed?

Episodes that were properly renewed are controlled by MGM; however, some episodes were not renewed and have entered the public domain.

Is the batman TV series from 1966 part of the public domain?

No evidence it is except for a DVD release stating 26 episodes were. Certainly not if the copyright was properly renewed and for a show that big I expect it is not PD.

What is a Public television show host salary?


What tv show was ABBAs last public performance?

The Late Late Breakfast Show

Is the Green Hornet TV series from 1966 part of the public domain?

No; it will be controlled by Twentieth Century Fox through 2061.

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What is the definition of public domain?

Real PropertyAs it pertains to land in America, the public domain is land within the boundaries of the United States which has never been titled and is therefore held by the US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management as its custodial owner.Intellectual PropertyIn terms of intellectual property "public domain" refers to items that have no restrictions of use due to expiration of legal controls (patents, trademarks, copyright). Public domain is when no one any longer holds the rights to some type of work. It can be a book, photo, music, movie, TV show, etc. You can do whatever you want to with a public domain work without fear of copyright infringement.A copyright is supposed to expire 75 after the work is published. However, due to lobbying by corporations, especially Disney, that has been changed and the the cut off for works being transferred to the public domain is held at 1923 until 2019. This means that any work, if published before 1923, is automatically in the public domain. However there are several works after this period that have fallen into public domain because until 1978, when the laws were changed, you were forced to explicitly show the copyright next to the name of your work if shown in public (such as the title of a movie). Failure to do so would result in the movie falling into public domain. Some of the movies that are in public domain: Night of the Living Dead (1968), Reefer Madness (1936), and Phantom of the Opera (1925).All works created or registered before 1923 and and works created/registered before 1964 and not renewed in a timely manner are currently in the public domain.

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