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Q: What traps germs and dust in your body?
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How does the respiratory system get rid of dust and germs?

It traps it using a filtering system of hair and mucous.

What is the name of a sticky thick fluid that traps dust and germs and other things that may be in the air?


What is a sticky liquid that traps dirt and germs in the human body?

That would be mucus

What does mucus trapped?

Mucus traps dust, dirt. and other microscopic foreign particles from entering the body through the nose. It also warms up air that comes through the nasal cavity, which is why it is always better to breathe with your nose then mouth whenever possible.

What is the job of the hair in the nose?

to keep the germs away the hair traps the germs

What fluid traps Bacteria and dust in the respiratory Tract?

Mucus traps dirt and bacteria.

What is the sticky substance that traps dust?


Why are your nostrils lined with hair?

The hair inside your nostrils works like a filter, protecting you from breathing in potentially dangerous particles. Nose hair traps dust, pollen, germs and fungus so you don't inhale them.

What does the mucus lining in trachea do?

It traps bacteria and dust.

What is the adaptation of a ciliated cell?

Ciliated Epithelial Cells have tiny hairs on them. These hairs sweep away any unwanted things, such as bacteria and dust which is trapped in mucus.

What does mucus do for the air you breathe in?

Mucus helps in trapping pathogenic microorganisms and dust particles and prevent them from entering inside the lungs, second it keep respiratory tract moist so that friction is reduced. Another function of Mucus is to regulate the temprature of the inhaled air.

What does the mucus in your nose do?

trap dust and germs and kill them