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can you answer the question i have a 1990 Ford Ranger with a Mazda manual transmission what fluid does it require

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MERCON V automatic Transmission Fluid....5.6 pints capacity

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Q: What tranny fluid for a 2.3 1990 ranger with a Mazda tranny?
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Manual tranny fluid 1990 Acura Integra?

10w40 4.8 pts.

Will a 1990 5 speed tranny from a 2.9 ranger fit in a 1985 ranger with a 2.8 engine?

Yes, any 2.8 will fit in a transformer.

Where do you add brake fluid in a 1990 Mazda protege?

To add brake fluid in a 1990 Mazda Protege, you need to locate the brake fluid reservoir and check the levels. The reservoir is located on the master cylinder for the brakes.

What is the fluid capacity for the differential for a 1990 Mazda miata?

1 Quart

What kind of transmission fluid do you use for 1990 ford mustang 5.0L manual Tranny?

Mercon III

1990 Mazda Protege transmission fluid capacity?

5.7 quarts for automatic transmission

How do you Drain transmission fluid on 1990 ford ranger?

Remove the transmission oil pan

Where do you add tranny fulid to a 1990 ford ranger?

Using a funnel pour, into transmission dipstick cylinder. Driverside firewall where you checked the level.

What type of transmission fluid does a 1990 Acura integra LS auto tranny use?

z1 atf get at Honda dealer

Will a 1994 Mazda b3000 cab fit on a 1990 Mazda b2200 frame?

Not really. Technically you can probably make it fit with some mods but the 1994+ Mazda B3000 is actually a Ford Ranger body and frame.

What type of oil goes on a 1990 5 speed transmission Ford Ranger?

On a 1990 Ford Ranger , 5 speed manual transmission : It depends on which transmission you have The Mitsubishishi ( transmission code " D " ) takes approximately ( 2.4 U.S. quarts of 80-90W gear lube ) The Mazda ( transmission code " M " ) takes ( 2.8 quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

How much gear oil for a 1990 Ford Ranger manual transmission?

On a 1990 Ford Ranger ; The 5 speed manual Mitsubishi transmissions ( trans code " D' ) take 4.8 pints of 80-90 W gear lube The 5 speed manual Mazda transmission ( trans code " M' ) takes 5.6 pints of MERCON automatic transmission fluid