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can you please tell me what size tonnage is lennox HS9-651-2P and HS9-511-1P

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Q: What tonnage size is lennox HS9-651-2P and HS9-511-1P?
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What tonnage size is Lennox HS18-461-4P?

3.5 ton

What tonnage size is Lennox HS18 653 2y?

looks like a 5 ton unit

What tonnage size is this lennox condenser model hs18-261-10P and Hs18-461-4P?


What tonnage size is Lennox HS18-261-10P?

26.1 kbtu/hr is considered about 2 tons (24 kbtu/hr)

Hs18-311-4p what size air conditioner lennox?

Lennox 8 SEER 2.5 Ton AC

What tonnage size is Lennox HS18-461-7P?

Lennox's older systems have their own code found between hyphens in the model number. 211=1.5 ton 261=2 ton 311=2.5 ton 411=3 ton 461=3.5 ton 511=4 ton 651=4.5 ton So, in the case of your example, you have yourself a 3.5 ton, or 42000 pounds.

What is the classification of a ship according to its size?

Under international shipping regulations for manning levels, safety rules and registration fees, the unit of measurement of a ship's size is its GROSS TONNAGE.Gross tonnage is calculated by measuring the ship's volume from keel to funnel to the outside of its hull and applying a mathematical formula. Gross tonnage is different to a ship's deadweight tonnage, displacement tonnage or net tonnage and is in effect the moulded volume of enclosed spaces on board the vessel.

What size is a lennox heat pump model HP19-411-1-P?

That is a 3 ton

What is the rheem model rgrl-04 emaes tonnage?

There is no set tonnage rating for furnaces, only the ac units which are attached to them. Since furnaces with multiple blower motor speeds can accommodate several different size ac units. To get your ac units tonnage, get the model # of the outdoor unit and repost.

What are the Lennox birds?

Lennox birds are figurines by the porcelain company, Lennox. There are a huge variety of songbirds (more than 70) all associated with a piece of vegetation from their habitats. The size of the hand-painted bisque porcelaine figurines is on the order of 4 inches high by 4 inches wide depending on subject matter.

What is the HEIL air-conditioner model number ca5048qka1 tonnage?

Please what is the compressor size? What type of shipping does it take?

What is used to crush gold bearing ore?

A Jaw crusher is one of several types of instruments used depending on the size and tonnage of the ore.