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3.5 tons

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Q: What ton is a Goodman model CE 42 - 1 GB condenser?
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What is the tonage on a goodman outside package GPH1342H21AB?

That is a 3 1/2 ton unit. one ton of A/C = 12000 btu. The 42 in the model number refers to 42000 btu.

How many ton is Rheem ac model no RRKA-A042JK08X?

since the model number has 42, i would say it probably is a 3 1/2 ton.

What is the tonnage of a rheem rpka 042jaz?

Most manufacturers put a number related to Btu's of the unit in the model. If Rheem is no different then that 42 represents a 3.5 ton unit as there are 12,000 btu's / ton and 3.5 X 12 = 42.

What is the Carrier Air Conditioning model number 38BRC036 tonnage?

The 36 indicates it is a 3 ton unit. 12 would be a 1 ton, 24 is a 2 ton, 36 is a 3 ton, 48 is a 4 ton, and 60 is a 5 ton. There are also half ton sizes available, so if those digits were 30 it would be a 2.5 ton, 42 would be a 3.5 ton, etc.

How many pounds is .42 ton?


How do you tell the tonnage off of a trane air conditioner name plate?

Should be the last 2 numbers in the model number followed by letters. Here's what to look for... 18=1.5 ton 24=2 ton 30=2.5 ton 36=3 ton 42=3.5 ton 48=4 ton 54=4.5 ton 60=5 ton Every 12,000 BTU equal 1 ton. Hope this helps.

Is 42 oz greater than 7 tons?

One ton (short ton) is equal to 32000 ounces. Therefore, 42 ounces is significantly smaller than 7 tons.

What is the age of Winchester Model 42 15503?

Your Winchester model 42 was made by Winchester in 1935.

How many lbs is 42 tons?

42 tons is 84,000 pounds @2,000 pounds per ton.

What is the manufacture date on a model 42 with serial number 96938?

your model 42 Winchester was made in 1952.

How many bushels in a ton?

There are approximately 42 bushels in a short ton. Conversely, one bushel is equivalent to approximately .024 short ton. These can vary slightly depending on the crop.

What year was a Winchester model 42 SN 9998 made?

Your Winchester model 42 was made by Winchester in 1934.