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That could have many different variables such as ceiling hights heat loss to windows . But under normal conditions a two tone unit should be sufficent.

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Q: What ton heat pump will a 1900 sq ft home need?
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If you have a heat pump do you need an ac to to cool the house?

No, the heat pump will also cool the home.

What specifically is a heat pump?

A heat pump is somethign that heats water. It can be used to heat your water at home with your shower or you can have a heat pump to heat your pool at home or work

How do you know if you need a heat pump instead of a window unit?

Window units are used to heat specific areas of the home. If you want to heat your whole house a heat pump is the better choice.

What size heat pump do you need for a 1400 sq ft home?

25 cubic feet

What does a heat pump do in your homes?

A heat pump acts as a furnace in heat mode to warm the home in the winter, then acts as an air conditioner in the summer to cool the home.

What are the basics that I need to know before purchasing a new heat pump?

There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing a new heat pump. Should you buy a heat pump or should you choose a better choice, for example a furnace? What size heat pump will you need to buy? How efficient do you want your heat pump to be?

How does an electric heat pump work?

An electric heat pump can heat up your home during winter and cool it during summer.

What is an air heat pump used for?

An air heat pump is used to heat and cool your home. It is like an air conditioner in the warmer months but then can also heat your home if the outside temperature is above freezing.

Do Carrier heat pumps sufficiently heat large homes?

It depends on the layout of your home (1 or multiple stories?), how many windows, insulation, climate, and roofing. Factoring in all this, in a moderate climate you need a bigger heat pump. On average, in a moderate climate, you need a 2.0 ton heat pumpp in a cold/hot climate you need a 2.5 ton heat pump.

Do you need a license to buy a heat pump?

I do not know of any jurisdiction in which a license would be required for a heat pump.

How do you convert an AC only unit to a heat pump?

need to change condensing units. from cooling only to heat pump

Why buy a heat pump to cool your home?

Heat pumps are an economical way to provide clean heating AND cooling of a home.