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Apply ice cubes to isolated parts of internal organs

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Q: What to do when you spill boiling water on yourself?
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How could you change the boiling and freezing temperature of water?

If you want to limit yourself to water only, you could change the pressure. That would greatly change the boiling point and slightly change the freezing point. If you don't care about limiting yourself to pure water, you can dissolve a salt or other substance in the water to lower the freezing point and raising the boiling point.

Is it an insult to spill water in Spain?

It is not an insult to spill water in Spain.

Does water evaporate fast?

It can evaporate faster OR slower than other liquids. For example, if you are hot and you spill water on yourself and it cools you off, this is because it evaporates. But if you spill vegetable oil on you, it will not be refreshing, because it doesn't evaporate as fast.

Which has the higher temperature - boiling water or ice?

boiling water

Why does not liquid run out of dropper unless pressed?

Water doesn't come out because the water cannot be replaced by air when the water is squeezed out. This is because the water would spill out, but air pressure is in the way If the hole at the end of the dropper was bigger, then the water could spill out. That is why the water spills out when you pour a drink for yourself. The water spills out , and at the same time air is spilling into the bottle.

How will you find the boiling point of water?

Do the experiment yourself and boil some water, you'll find its about 100 degrees Celsius, depending on its purity. or google

What is hotter a glacier or boiling water?

Boiling water.

What would happen to you if you spill alkali on you?

You will burn yourself and it will hurt

For 4 cups of boiling water do you boil 4 cups of water or do you measure water after boiling?

you measure the water before boiling. after boiling would be more tricky.

What is the fear of boiling water?

The fear of boiling water refers to either getting burned by the steam, or the boiling water.

Does strawberry dissolved more in boiling water or in water?


What is the boiling point of water in celseis?

what is the boiling point of water