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Take slow, even breaths to get through the attack. Talk to a doctor about anti-anxiety drugs (tranquilizers / benzodiazepines).

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Q: What to do when you have a panic attack?
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Can you get schizophrenia from a panic attack?


Do people remember when they've had or were about to have panic attacks?

Yes, you do remember when you are abut to have a panic attack. You can also remember everything going on around you when you are having the panic attack.

Can you die having a panic attack?

I don't think so Yea, if your heart is weak,you may die of a panic attack.

Which site has panic disorder prevention? has a great selection on panic disorder information. Articles range from how to realize you are having a panic attack to how to stay calm and collected during a panic attack until it passes.

Causes of a panic attack?

A panic attack is caused by a sudden and overwhelming feeling of anxiety or fear. They may also be linked to other disorders, such as panic disorders, social phobia, or depression.

What is a term used for a nervous fit?

Panic Attack. Anxiety Attack.

Can crack cocaine cause a panic attack?

Yes. Anything that alters your state of mind can cause your body to panic. For some people even smoking marijuana can cause a panic attack. And for others with panic disorder, panic attacks can come on without the use of drugs.

Can you die from panic attacks?

Panic attacks by the,selves can make you have a feeling of impending doom or death but i have not heard of anyone dying of panic attacks.BUT that is not to say it cannot happen.If the shock of the panic attack is too much it may lead to a heart attack and a heart attack can lead to death unfortunately

What are the release dates for Panic Attack - 2010 VG?

Panic Attack - 2010 VG was released on: USA: 10 November 2010 (XBox360)

Does Robert Pattinson have panic attack?


How do you cope with panic attack?

breathing exercises

What is the definition of a panic attack?

A panic attack is evaluated and determined as a symptom if the person under the attack can not control their anxiety over an issue and proceeds to take it out in an angered or usually frightened manner.