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You should try to drink luke warm milk. Or you could always try and think about something more peaceful.

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Q: What to do when you get in a lot of trobble at school and cant sleep?
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What is a good job for you if you want to work with wildlife animals but you cant put them to sleep?

you can become a researcher there you don't have to put animals to sleep but you just learn a lot about them and you get payed quite a lot of money.

Is it possible to not be able to sleep after losing a lot of sleep?

yes, if you dont get enough sleep and you get too tired your body cant slow down enough and it's harder to get to sleep. trust me, i know. :D

Why should teenagers have a lot of sleep?

Teens should have a lot of sleep because they need to go to school, and if there tired they will not pay attention and will sometimes fall asleep. But if their sleep is restored they will sometimes... pay attetion and do their best.

Why cant you wake up during the day no matter how much you are able to sleep at night?

Honestly, it has a lot to do with how well you sleep. Some people can get well rested sleep and they only have to sleep for five hours a night. You should Google how to get a more rested sleep and there are things you can eat before bed to help you

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Do Chinese hamsters sleep a lot?

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Why do puppies sleep so much?

Puppies sleep a lot because they play a lot and it tires them out.

What is a person who likes to sleep a lot called?

A person who likes to sleep a lot is often referred to as a "slugabed" or simply a "sleep lover."

How does extending a school day effect students?

They're going to go to sleep because a lot of children think school is boring at least in some classes they like outside of school better than the inside

What are the benefits of getting more sleep?

Being less tired and being more energetic are just two of the benefits of getting more sleep. The more sleep you get the more "in-tune" you are to life. When you are tired all the time you miss a lot of stuff, become slow and cant keep up with the pace of your peers.

My boyfriend and I go to the same school but i dont get to see him a lot in school and I am out sick and I have to wait for two days to see him. I miss him so much and cant wait. What can i do?

you can call him or text or myspace or wiki.answers!!!

Why do you move a lot in your sleep?

You move in your sleep according to what you're dreaming about