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Q: What to do when the body is really hot?
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What is white body?

an object that is REALLY hot

Is fire really hot or because of human body it is hot?

Yes fire is hot by itself.not because of human bodys.

Why is Perth so hot?

Perth is really hot because of the combined body tempertures of all the bogans.

What is the best sport for a hot body and why?

Swimming is the best sport for a hot body because you won't get over-heated and get a great work-out as well. really, any sport is good to get a hot body, just as long as your active

Do you get a fever when you get dehydrated?

you do because it makes you hot so sweat is the body's way of cooling you down

Why does your son have nose bleeding when his body's temperature is high?

A nose bleed happens when your body gets to hot so that's it really:)

Why do you feel hot when the heat is the same as your body temperature?

Your body keeps its temperature when you're hot because of sweat. It keeps your body temperature cool even if you feel hot. People who don't sweat have to be really careful when they do anything physical or are in the heat. Some of them even have to wear special cooling suits.

Is the savanna really hot?

That hot but hot

Does lemon water have to be hot to be beneficial?

No, not really. Lemon water in itself isn't based on how hot it is or what you put into it, but more about your body getting hydrated. Water is anabolic, which means that when your body is in a hydrated state it stimulates fat loss better.

Does drinking hot water reduces belly fat?

No, hot water hasn't been proven to reduce body fat. The only way to really lose body fat is to get regular exercise and go on a reduced-calorie diet.

What will a sea do if it is really hot or really cold?

if the sea is hot it will freeze

How is the sun not hot?

sun is hot really hot