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I would get your insurance company involved, they are there to keep this from happening.

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Q: What to do if your insurance ruled other party at fault and they refuse to turn in to their insurance now they are suing you?
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If you are in an accident and it is not your fault will the other insurance pay if you do not have comprehensive insurance?

Yes. The terms of your insurance policy are not relevant if the other party is at fault.

Can the responsible party refuse to pay for damages if the person driving your vehicle was not on your policy and you have only liability?

No, they can't refuse. Not having a person on your policy and having liability only doesn't mean that the responsible party is relieved from accountability. File a claim with the other party's Insurance co, if not sue the other driver, as long as you can prove that they were at fault.

If you were in an accident with no insurance and it was not your fault but the other car at fault has insurance and was issused a ticket will there insurance company pay you or the bank?

The at-fault party's insurance should cover your vehicle. EVEN THOUGH OUR INSURANCE HAD RUN OUT BY AMONTH?

Can an at-fault person's auto insurance company refuse to pay a claim to the damaged party because the household member of the at-fault vehicle was not listed on the policy?

That is going to depend on the state.

Will your insurance go up if you're at fault but the other party has no insurance?

Possibly. Ask your agent.

What if the other party admits fault but the accident report says you are at fault will the other party's insurance pay since the party admitted to fault?

GET IT IN WRITING!!! Having an oral admission of guilt from the guilty party when YOU are on the report as the guilty party doesn't mean a thing.

Do you have to let your insurance company know you were in an accident that was your fault if you have not heard from the other party or your insurance?

yes,because i might be covered with the third party

Can the insurance company of the person at fault refuse to pay for the damages if their client claims he or she is not guilty?

In a case of word vs word and no witness or other proof on either side, the insurance company has a responsibility to their insured and must take their version of the accident, in which case, they would deny the claim to the other party in the accident. what if the at fault driver admits her fault but insists to settle outside of her insurance, but meanwhile refuses to pay for the damages

How do you sue another persons insurance company for an accident that was your fault?

If the accident was your fault, the other party's insurerhas no duties owed you.

Whose insurance pays when someone else hits your car?

If the other party was clearly at fault in hitting your vehicle then their insurance will pay for the damage to your vehicle. The key is that it is their fault. The way you word the question you don't state that they were at fault but that they hit your car. If it is determined that they were at fault then their insurance pays, if you were at fault then your insurance pays.

What are the benefits of Florida no fault car Insurance?

Florida's no fault car insurance pertains to medical payments. The insurance states that the insurance company will pay for your bodily injury claims regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Damage done to property (i.e. the car) would still be covered by the at fault party. The Florida no fault car insurance is a benefit because one does not have to worry about not having their medical needs covered because the accident was the fault of the other party and they do not have sufficient insurance.

Will your insurance company pay you a diminished value if accident is your fault?

No, if it is your fault you are not eligible to received diminished value from your insurance company. It has to be a third party claim, ie the party at fault's insurance company pays the damages if you can recover them.