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Q: What to do if you fell and hit the back of your head?
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Fell and hit back of head?

If you fell and hit the back of your head, you need to monitor yourself for a while. You need to tell someone that you fell. It's possible that you may have a concussion.

How hard do you have to hit your head to cause internal bleeding?

i think that u would have to have hit your head on a rock or fell on a rock.

You fell and hit your head and now have a small lump on your head and you have nausea everyday?

<h1> no it wont you will have a lump

Can a hit on the head cause black eye?

hey well this actually happened to my friend but he didn't do it on purpose. He fell and he hit the back of his head on the ground, and about 3 days later, i saw the black eye. So, i do think that hitting the back of your head can in fact, give you a black eye.

A sentence using the word worse?

The worse day ever was when I fell and hit my head

Why did his mom patched his head-?

Mom patched his head because it was bleeding profusely. He did hit his head pretty hard when he fell off the swing.

How did people get the black death from spreading?

becaus e they fell ansd hit thwere head

How did Isacc newtondie?

He got hit on his head again but not with a apple with a grenade and fell down a well

If you fell and hit your head what part of your brain could get damaged?

It depends what part was hit, the strength of the impact... Url can also uuj,

How did jackie die in The Sopranos?

Jackie was shot in the back of the head and fell into a pile of snow.

How did graypool die?

tigerclaw scared her andShe hit her head on some jutting rocks and fell to her death.

What is a sentence for subconscious?

The was subconscious when she fell off her bike and hit her head because she didn't know what was going on.