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Q: What to ask a patient with a cold?
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Pulse in a cold patient?

Pulse in a cold patient will be weaker and slower than normal.

Why ask the patient about hot or cold drinks and smokingt before taking vitals?

Those things can change the vital signs (drinks temp, smoking pulse and BP)

Cold applications may cause injury to a patient if the patient has?

cold applications may cause injury to a patient if the patient has dependent swelling, a fever, large bruises or poor circulation?

Can a Doctor ask another patient anything about you?

A doctor CANNOT ask another patient or anyone else anything about you, without your permission.

How would you deal with a difficult patient?

Ask patient be calm and call for assistance

What can't a doctor ask his patient?

where they live ... why not What you can't ask for is a date.

Can a doctor ask a patient out?

It is actually ILLEGAL for a doctor to ask a patient out in there place of work, Whether it being a clinic or Hospital, However they can out of work.

In the sentence please ask for the patient's address what is the word ask?

The word ask is a verb in this sentence.

How do I find a patient in a London hospital?

Go to the main reception and ask for the patient by name.

You ask your girlfriend to move in with you but she does not give you an answer?

Be patient

Can a doctor ask his patient for money?

Yes, a doctor can ask a patient for money for their bill. Patients are required to make payments for services or file with their insurance.

What can you take at home to get over a cold?

you cant get over a cold a cold is a virus and canot be cured so just be patient and wait