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Q: What time i sleep if i'm taking a cherifer?
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How long does it take a person from the time they fall asleep at night to fall into deep sleep and im not talking about REM sleep im talking about the sleep where is it is hard to wake the person up?

Around about 7 minuets :)

Which is the organism that never lay and sleep but sleep while moving?

Im pretty sure that it's the shark. just taking a guess. we learned something about the shark when i was in 7th grade.

What time are you going to sleep?

im 12 and i can stay up until 11 pm

Is it ok to mix diazepam with penicillin?

i don't know but im doin it tonight , i have a throat infection, it hurts like crazy so the only way im gunna get to sleep is probably by taking 4 (5mg) Valium

I have a headache but i have to stay at the computer and im at school what can i do to get rid of it i think its because im tired?

It could be due to to you being tired, your brain cells just want to shut down if you didnt get enough rest. When you don't get enough sleep your body wants to shut down and sleep. You have a headache because your brain is tired and you need to sleep. When it's time for you to go to sleep you should sleep.

How do you say im going to sleep in Malayalam?

now am going to sleep

Is it safe to take alteril and suboxone?

I have been taking lamictal and suboxone for 22days now and this is what was prescribed to me so as far as I know its safe, I have had no side effects.

What to do if im really tired?


What should you do if im tired?


Can amoxicillin cause your food to taste different?

im taking now and have noticed a bitter taste at times. dont know if it is certian foods that it effects or what. hope it dosent last the whole time im taking!

What does Anarexol do?

im taking anarexol how should i feelll when taking them, and im i goin to get hungry. and sleepy ?

How do you say I'm going to sleep for now in tagalog?

im going to sleep