What things should be urine?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What things should be urine?
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Properties that should not be found in urine are?

well there are many things like THC

Straw urine what does it mean?

Straw urine can mean different things including a urinary infection. You should consult your doctor to obtain a correct diagnosis.

Is it true that urine in the bladder should be discharged at intervals?

yes,when urine is in the blender for long it elasticize the wall of the blander.this weaken the wall of the blander and it can lead to many harmful things

Can a UTI cause blood in your urine?

Yes, it potentially can. This can also be caused by many other things as well. Any time there is blood in the urine, you should contact your doctor. It could be pretty serious.

What should not be in urine?

Anything other then urine.

Why is your urine gray?

Urine shouldn't be grey; it should be clear to yellow, depending. If your urine is the wrong color, or has a strong odor, you should consult your doctor.

Is it dangerous to have white urine?

For a healthy person, urine should be clear and odorless. If you are experiencing cloudy or white urine, you should seek medical attention by your family physician.

Can you rewarm urine for drug test How close to test should you get friends urine?

you shouldnt have to use a friends urine

Will brake cleaner show up on a urine drug test?

No, but of all the things you can possibly think of to get high on, brake cleaner should be at the bottom of the list.

Is it normal for urine to have plus plus bacteria?

No. Normal urine should be sterile.

What is normal albumin in the urine?

There should be no albumin in the urine if the kidneys are functioning properly.

Urine smell like medicine after taking diet pills?

I'm pretty sure your urine should smell like urine. Why are you smelling your urine?