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graphics and realism

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Q: What things do game makers want to improve in their games?
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What is a mod for PS3?

A MOD for a games console basically is a modicfication to a game, an add-on if you like. You can hack games to add what you like to suit you. GrandTheftAuto is the biggest MODDED game on PS3. People add new cars etc to the popular game. Game makers are trying to stop people from MODDING/HACKING games.

What are games don't give you viruses?

If you're wondering what games don't give you viruses, look for ones that have valid makers and are O.K. with your antivirus program. Also, sometimes it's not the game that has the virus, but the website the game is from, so be careful of what websites you click on.

Advantages and disadvantages of video games?

Advantages: Leisure time, you get to relax and just forget about everything else in the world except that game. It also depends on the game, because, they have games that you play that challenge your brain and sometimes even improve your skill. Disadvantages: Sometimes, they can give us the wrong perspective on things and how to approach different situations. They also slowly rot human brains.

When will the next super smash brothers game come out?

Only the makers of the game could tell you that.

Are there any games like wolfquest?

If you want a game like wolf quest these games are the best for you there is "fearl heart" this game is like wolfquest exept you can make a extra cool looking wolf and you can do lots of things like face expreshions and more things wolfquest only lets you be a wolf but this game has way more even though i love wolfquest this game you will love. Another game you will love is "wolf" its by the makers of wolfquest and is realy fun but its just has poor animation. And this game called "sherwooddungan" is THE BEST ON EARTH!!!!!!! This game you can be a wolf and turn into a human you can also be "wolf/lion/dragon/huge spider/horse/unicorn/battle horse. You can also have friends and this game you can have a clan and FIGHT other people this is for people who want more exitmant.But once you go "sherwooddungan" you will love it

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What are the game-makers roles in the Hunger Games?

They create the games and cause things (ex. fire-ball attack on Katniss) to happen.

What do game makers do on there jobs?

make games

What do the game makers do in The Hunger Games?

the game makers create the Game. They analyze the tributes and place certain obstacles in the arena according to the tributes. The Game makers run, create, and change the Games all together. they are responsible for all the events that happen in the games.

What is the best game made with Game Maker?

It all depends on the current time. Game makers constantly improve their skills and publish better games. Some of the best Game Maker games out there though include:KaroshiFrozzdPainajainenBridging the GapLegend of ShadowandSeraphim Flame

How was katniss rebellion in the Hunger Games?

Because she tricked the game makers with the berries.

Why video game are good for you?

Because in some games it would improve the speed of your hand

Where can you buy game designing software to make your own video games?

There are a few places. You can check or for some. Yoyogames has a free game creator called Game Maker, which is free and can make 2d and basic 3d games. On The Game Creators website, you can find some cool game makers for 2d and advanced 3d games, and most are easy to use, and it has good level makers and model makers.

How can video games be good and bad?

Video games are bad for you. You need to get exercises if you don't you will get fat and stupid for not doing something and it can damage your eyesight. Good things may be that they can improve your education depending on what game it is then it could improve your dancing skills.

Who are the game makers from the Hunger Games?

The only two that we know of are Seneca Crane and Plutarch Heavensbee.

What are some names of video game makers?

One is Gamemaker 8. You can download it at yoyo games.

What is the duration of Game Makers?

The duration of Game Makers is -1320.0 seconds.

When did Game Makers end?

Game Makers ended on 2005-12-12.