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Each state has their own requirements Primerica just adheres to those. Check your state insurance regulations regarding what is required. Cool thing is they pay for you're license.

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Q: What test do primerica run for life insurance?
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You can run no obligation life insurance quotes by visiting eTermLifeInsurance below, or by finding a similar site on the web.

What are you tested for when applying for life insurance?

I have sold insurance for 18+ years and the nurses always draw blood and get a urinalysis. I have known of Co's refusing for diabetes ect... in blood samples, but nothing on urine. Its at death that the test then run, make a difference if payment is made to beneficiary.

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It's helpful to be able to consider the relationship of the diagnosis code/ICD9 to the test being run, in order to lower the odds that the test is not covered by insurance.

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How can you find more information about life insurance companies?

Life Insurance companies regularly run ads in the paper or over the radio. They can also be seen on TV, and often require a simple phone call to obtain more information.

Can Universal Life Insurance premiums be run through a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan?

No, for many different reasons. Only Group Term Life is pre-taxable, life insurance that has a "vestment quality" is not eligible. It would be good for you to reference the actual 125 document.

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You should never buy mortgage life insurance. It is an expensive simplified issue term policy. Just buy a regular term life insurance policy. Find an independent agency and have them run you quotes on whatever amount is your mortgage plus living expenses for your family for 5 or 10 years.

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