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It's dependant on what you want. If you live in a hotter climate, select a lower temperature thermostat; that causes the thermostat to open sooner, keeping the engine a little cooler... hopefully. If you live in a climate that is either normally cooler or seasonably cooler, a hotter thermostat can help the heater work better. A hotter thermostat has been demonstrated to be SLIGHTLY (almost insignificantly) at helping the engine run more efficietly.

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Q: What temperature thermostat should be used on a 350 Chevy?
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What thermostat for a 94 Chevy 350?

A 195 degree should be used.

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What temperature thermostat should a 1995 Ford Explorer use in the winter?

Motorcraft . com lists ( Motorcraft RT1161 ) a 190 degree Fahrenheit thermostat for the 1995 Ford Explorer to be used year round

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The 1999 Cadillac normal coolant temperature gauge reading should be 180 degrees. A 195 degrees thermostat could be used, causing the temperature gauge to read 195.

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Where is Chevy venture thermostat reading sensor located?

The sensor used for displaying the engine coolant temperature on the gauge in the dash is located near the thermostat housing. I have included a link that has pictures that show its location. Just click on the pictures to enlarge them. When you do, you can see the wires that go to the sensor. Good Luck, Greg