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Q: What temperature is 2 celsius minus 4 degrees?
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What temperature is 15 degrees lower than 2 celsius?

Minus 13 Celsius (-13 C)

Would a balloon filled with minus 2 degrees Celsius air move to room temperature of 8 degrees Celsius Explain?

A balloon filled with -2 degrees Celsius air will move to a room to a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius because of the collision of the air particles.

What is minus two degrees Fahrenheit in celsius?

-2 degrees Fahrenheit = - 18.88 degrees celsius

What temperature is 2 Celsius if the temperature is 5 Celsius lower what will it be?

5 degrees below 2 Celsius is -3 Celsius.

What is half the temperature of 19 degrees Celsius?

Half of the temperature means half-way from the present value down to Absolute Zero. Absolute zero is -273.15 Celsius. Your present temperature is (273.15 + 19) = 292.15 Celsius degrees above Absolute Zero. Half of that is (292.15 / 2) = 146.075 Celsius degrees above Absolute Zero. Two ways you can refer to that temperature: > minus 127.075 degrees Celsius > 146.075 Kelvins

What is minus 2 degrees Celsius?

-2 0C is +28,4 0F.

What would be the best temperature for building a snowman between 2 degrees Celsius and 2 degrees Fahrenheit?


What is minus 20 degrees Celsius in degrees Fahrenheit?

-4 degrees Fahrenheit.

If a thermometer 36 Fahrenheit what is it in Celsius?

If the temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit, it is approximately 2 degrees Celsius.

What temperature is 58 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

Divide by 2 and then subtract 15. So 58 / 2 = 29 minus 15 = 14 degrees celsius, or there abouts. CharlieCStart by subtracting 32 from 58 .Then multiply the answer with 5 and divide by 9.In this case the answer is 14.44 degree celsius.

What temperature is it in Fahrenheit if it is 2 C?

2 degrees Celsius = 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the temperature change between -2 Celsius and 8 Celsius?

the difference between -2 and 8 Celsius is 10 degrees Celsius