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That system is called as integumentary system. in simple word it is called as skin.

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Q: What system protects internal organs from harmful bacteria sunlight and injury.?
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How does the ozone layer protect us from the sunlight?

Ozone protects us from harmful part of sunlight. It protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

What is the part of the blood that protects from harmful bacteria?

The part of blood that protects us from harmful bacteria are white blood cells.

What is the job of the epidermis?

Epidermis is just skin. It protects your bones.

The ozone protects what layer of the atmosphere?

Ozone does not protect a layer of the atmosphere, it protects the biosphere from the harmful affects of irradiation by the UV component of sunlight - it acts a a sunscreen for the planet.

What is the minimum internal cook temp needed to kill harmful bacteria steaks?


What is a protective covering for internal organs?

It depends on the type of aggression. Potential attacks primarily do not aim at tissues; they are secondarily affected. Two examples of how internal body tissues are protected are: The skin protects tissues from invasion of harmful external substances. The rib cage protects the lungs and heart from injury.

Does the keratin in keratinocytes protect your epidermis and dermis from the harmful effects of sunlight?

No.Seeking shadow at mid-day, when the sun is at its highest is the only fool-proof protection. Secondary is using protective sun lotion with a high enough factor.

Bacteria greatly out number harmful bacteria?

Yes. Most bacteria is not harmful to us such as bacteria in a yogurt, but some bacteria is harmful.

What is a cell that protects the body by eating invading cells is a?

A phagocyte protects the body by eating harmful substances before they can cause illness. These substances may be bacteria, foreign particles, or dead cells.

How much percent of bacteria are harmful?

Only 1% of bacteria is harmful to humans

What system protects your internal organs?

The skeletal system protects all inner organs and supports the body.Your Immune system creates white blood cells which defend your body form microbes such as bacteria and viruses. For example, diarrhea comes form bacteria, while the common cold comes form viruses.'The skeletal, muscular, and integumentary systems also help protect the body's organs.

What kinds of bacteria are harmful?

not all the bacteria harmful. bacteria that are harmful is i dont know sorry. have a nice DAY!!