What system are the eyes in?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Q: What system are the eyes in?
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Which system does the eyes belong to?

The eyes are connected to and part of the nervous system.

What organ system does the eyes belong?

The eyes belong to the Nervous system.

Does cnidaria have eyes?

they have no eyes and no nervous system.

What is in the eyes system?

Nervous system

What system does the eyes belongs to?

long system

What system are eyes part of?

Vestibular system

What organ system belongs to the eyes?

nervous system

What organ system eyes belongs to?

nervous system

What system is the eyes part of?

The nervous system. Your eyes are part of your brain. The majority of your brain surface is light-sensitive.

The eyes is considered to which part of the nervous system?

Nervous system

What organ system do nose ears eyes and mouth belong?

Respiratory system

Do the eyes work with the nervous system?