What stops hair from growing?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Baldness. Or cancer.

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Q: What stops hair from growing?
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How do you know when your hair is done growing?

Your hair is always growing, it never stops.

What stops unwanted hair from growing?

shave it

When do you know when your hair will stop growing?

You know when your hair stops growing as soon as your hair starts falling out..... this is because your hair follicles start getting old or you have a disease!

How long can hair grow?

Hair, well never stops growing before the age of 40-100.

Does saw palmetto reduce facial hair in women?

yes it does reduce facial hair and it stops hair from growing on your crouch.

Which part of the body that never stops growing and that is rodent?

its their teeth!

How long do Sikhs grow there hair?

There is no minimum limit Sikhs grow their hair to - they grow it until it reached its 'natural equilibrium' and stops growing on its own.

What products are best for growing hair naturally?

There are a few natural ways to help regrow hair. Many have claimed that using emu oil helps grow the hair. It awakens the hair follicle that has been dormant and stops the hormone DHT that's telling the hair to stop growing.

Is laser hair removal perminant?

Yes, laser hair removal is a technique to remove unwanted hair permanently.

How does hair on your arm know when to stop growing?

It never stops growing until after you die. All the hair on your body falls off regularly and is replaced, it just doesn't happen all at the same time so you don't notice

When does the body stops growing?

The human body usually stops growing in the late stages of teen hood

Name a part of your body that never stops growing?

Cartilage is the part of the skeleton that never stops growing.