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you bout make cause you out can you just anser the dam quistaun

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Q: What state do keri hillson live in?
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How old is keri hillson?

Keri Hilson is 35 years old (birthdate: December 5, 1982).

Who does Kanye West go with?

Keri hillson

How many kids do keri hillson have?


What is keri hillson height?

5 feet and 8 inches

Who is the girl in your side of the bed?

it was keri hillson in the video your side of the bed

When was keri hillson born?

She was born Dec. 5th 1982 in Georgia

Is Keri Hillson a Canadian?

no, she is from atlanta in America but, is of native American descent

Do keri hillson like Lil Wayne?

yeah she do love her some lil Wayne

In the song by Keri Hillson Love Knocks You Down why is it when NeYo says pimp ship flyin high is the word ship bleeped out on the radio?

He might not be saying ship

What state does Keri Hilson live in?

Decatur, Georgia----------not to far from Atlanta, Georgia

When was Gail Hillson born?

Gail Hillson was born on December 24, 1905.

Where does Keri Hilson live?

Keri Hilson lives in Decatur, Georgia.