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The Voyager 1 space probe. It is currently appx. 108 AU away from the Sun and near the edge of the solar system in a region called the Heliopause. It is moving away at a rate of about 3 AU/year. For comparison, Earth is at a distance of 1 AU from the Sun and Pluto is at a distance of appx. 10 AU from the Sun.

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Q: What space mission has traveled farthest into space?
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What is the farthest anyone has traveled in space?

The moon

What space mission has traveled the farthest from earth?

That would have to be the Voyager Project. It left the Solar System some years ago and it's still going strong.

How far have humans travelled in space?

The moon is the farthest a man has traveled. Mars is planned for 2018.

How many kilometers can a human travel into space?

Currently, the farthest a human has traveled into space is about 400,000 kilometers. That is the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

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The U.S. astronauts who've traveled to the Moon.

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Charlie Brown and Snoopy were unofficial mascots of the Apollo 10 mission.

What is the farthest a man has traveled into space?

Humans have orbited the moon. When they were around the "back", they were about 240,000 miles from the earth. That's the record so far.

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