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Put the burned area in cold water mixed with charcoal. This just relives the pain you should see a doctor because it could get infected

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Q: What sould you do if you get burn by acid?
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What type of burn is acid and organic?

What type of burn is categorized as alkali, acid, and organic

Why does citric acid burn?

because it is an acid

What is the acid that will burn your hand?

chloride acid

What type of burn is an acid burn?

An acid burn is a chemical burn; acids have free H+ ions that have a tenancy to attack and burn and sometimes dehydrate organic materials, such as your skin.

What dangers do acids and bases have?

acid can burn though wood metal so the acid can burn and burn until it gets down

Why does apple acid burn your gums?

because it is acid.

What has the best prognosis an acid or an alkali burn?


What are the release dates for Acid Burn - 2010?

Acid Burn - 2010 was released on: USA: April 2010

Should you have to go school?

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What materials does sulfuric acid burn through?

pretty much anything. If it can burn through metal, it can burn through alot of stuff. I dont think it can burn through an acid beaker

What if you touch a strong acid?

It would burn as acid is corrosive

Is household ammonia an acid or base?

It is acid. If it were to get on a cut it will burn.