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Landlord's insurance would be necessary to protect the owners's property in the event of mishap but it would remain the responsibility of the tenant to cover their own belongings with tenant insurance.

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Q: What sort of situation would require landlords insurance?
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Can landlords require renters to pay for a hotel while apartment is under construction?

The landlords insurance would cover the hotel costs if your apartment was damaged under a covered insurance loss. Your tenants insurance would also provide coverage as well.

Does renters insurance cover loss of furniture due to landlords negligence?

Yes it would but if it were due to the landlords negligence his liability insurance would cover the loss. Your insurance co will chase the claim against his for you. Place a claim with them.

Is it legal for a landlord to require you to cary renters insurance and list them as an insured interest in California?

Yes, It is legal in every state. It's in your lease contract that you would have signed when you rented the place. Pretty much all landlords around the country require insurance now or you are not considered eligible to rent the place.

Does homeowners insurance cover rental property damages?

No, you would need to purchase an Insurance policy for your Rental Property. Sometimes referred to as landlords Insurance.

Do you need home insurance if you are renting?

Not for the building fabric - that should be the landlords responsibility, but you would benefit from contents insurance (in case you are robbed etc.).

Who is responsible for water damage caused by a faulty washing machine. The damaged party has no insurance?

Who owns the washing machine? If it is the upstairs tenant and he has tenants insurance (as you should) then his insurance pays. The landlords insurance company would also pay and your insurance company will take care of it all. Let them duke it out. If you are the landlord and you did not require your tenants to carry insurance...does the word "fool" mean anything to you now?

What types of insurance cover would a stuntman require?

health insurance personal accident

I would like to make a living by having houses for rent, do I need a business license to do that?

Most states do require that landlords obtain a business license.

Is catastrophic insurance a reliable insurance plan?

Catastrophic Insurance is an insurance policy that is minimum coverage and only protects you in the situation of a catastrophe. There would be no need for you to buy an insurance policy like that.

Describe a business situation that would not require a specialized journal?

Depreciation. Accruals.

What kind of special events would require someone to get liability insurance?

There are many reasons to get liability insurance. All states within the United States require at least liability insurance to drive an automobile. Those in medical professions also get a liability insurance called malpractice insurance.

Do you need insurance on a small boat?

If you have a loan, probably. No loan would mean no requirement. Common sense though would require it. Adding it to your home insurance or renters insurance would probably cost pennies.