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Was it Ronoldhino.

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u r stupid

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Q: What soccer player wore the number 56?
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Who is the most famous baseball player to wear the number 21?

Jackie Robinson wore #21 for the Brooklyn Dodgers for ten seasons (1947-56).

What MLB players wear number 57?

No player yet, also no player has ever wore number 97

What was Mike Vrabel's jersey number?

Mike Vrabel wore number 50 for the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. When he began his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he wore number 96 and also number 56.

Two soccer players have 56 trophies between them The taller player has 20 trophies How many trophies does the shorter one have?

This is arithmetic : 56 - 20 = 36 trophies for the shorter player.Algebraically : 20 + x = 56, x = 36

Does any hockey player wear number 56?

rick tabberachi

Who is the MLB that wore number 50 for the dolphins and came from unc and later played for the colts?

Dwight Hollier. Hollier played with the Dolphins between 1992-1999 and the Colts in 2000. He wore #56 for the Colts.

Who wore number 5 for the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees player, who proudly wore the number 5 on their back and was also hailed "The Yankee Clipper", was none other than (Joltin') Joe DiMaggio. His most prominent feat was when he reached an historic mark when he hit safely in 56 consecutive games. Click on the 'Yankees Numbers' link on this page to see all players that have wore #5 for the Yankees.

What is the prime or composite number of 56?

56 is composite.

Can 56 be a natural number?

56 is a natural number.

Did a player by the name of Eugene play for the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s?

The only Eugene shown on Cowboys rosters is Eugene Lockhart who played linebacker for the Cowboys from 1984-1990. He wore #56.

Is the number 56 composite?

Yes, 56 is a composite number.

Is 56 composite or square number?

56 is composite number.