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Q: What skylander has the most health?
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How can you tell when a skylander is done resting and can be placed on the portal of power?

Once your skylander runs out of health, it comes back when you get back to the ruins, or if you restart the chapter.

Who is the most powerful skylander giant?


Is slobber tooth a skylander?

yes he is a skylander

What is the most powerful skylander in spyros adventure?

Stump smash is not the strongest, all skylanders are equally powerful

What Is The Most Awesome Skylander?

It is based on your opinion but Mine is SONIC BOOM

What is a skylander mini figure?

it is a skylander side kick

Where to preorder a skylander giants starter pack?


How many levels are in skylander giants?

16 levels are in skylander giants

Where the skylander boy and skylander girl live?

They apparently live in USA

Which earth skylander is the best?

the best earth skylander is terrafin not including legendarys

Is there a golden skylander?


What happens when you put a skylander on a Disney infinity base?

The Skylander will teleport to Disneyland and destroy it for good.