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Q: What size trimmer line do you use in the snap and go sg12?
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Where can you find switches for a Snap N Go Trimmer SG12 and SG10 model?

I found the SG12 switch through a small engine repair shop. But as far as the SG10, still no luck!

How do you customize selection of the size of pickbox and snap aperture while using GstarCAD?

On GstarCAD interface, select "Tools/Option" or input "Config" or "Op" in command line to open "Configuration" dialogue box, in "drafting" and "selection" option card you can set the size of pickbox and snap aperture.

Why is a snap back hat called a snap back?

It is called a snapback because u can snap the size of your head in the back.. Snapback :)

'How do I remove spool on a snap-n-go sg12 weed eater'?

The spool should just pull out, its held in by 2 clips, royate it till it pops up then pull it out, with a wiggling motion, Grasp firmly and pull straight out....per tech support from 800 number on machine.

Where do linebackers line-up for the snap of the ball?

they line up behind the defensive line thats why they are called line backers

What is a snap back feature on mac?

it's a hat that has "snap's" on the back to adjust the size of the hat to fit your head :) enjoi

What does it mean if a guy has a snapback?

A snap back hat is a baseball cap style hat where size of the hat is adjustable by a snap on the back.

Will any snap cap fit any shot gun or do they have to be specifically for that make of gun?

Snap caps are by the size of the shell, not the make of the gun.

Why cant people gain line when drag is on?

Well, drag is designed so the reel let's out line when the fish is swimming away because if not there would be 2 much tension on the line causing it to snap. Depending on the type of fish and the size line, you can some times tighten the drag all the way down and have a constant retrieve.

In high school football you are required to have seven offensives players on the line of scrimmage at the snap if one of my seven is a receiver can I send him in motion prior to the snap?

yes you can as long as you have one man that is off the line from the same side that he motioned from step up on the line

How do you assemble a fish hook clasp?

A fish hook clasp is commonly referred to as a snap. At one end the snap works like a safety pin allowing you to open it slide in a hook or the eye ring on a lure and then close it. The are many different types of snaps but they all effectively work like a safety pin. They pop open and snap shut again. The other end of the snap either has a swivel (which allows the hook or lure to spin without imparting and twist onto the fishing line; needed for lures like spinners). or just an eyelet. These are used to tie the snap to your fishing line. The snap allows you to interchange your hooks and lures quickly and easily without having to re-tie. Though convenient many fishermen prefer to tie directly to hooks for better performance of the lure. Also note that snaps come in different sizes and you should buy the size that matches the weight of your line and the size of your target fish. Again, this will help performance of the lure.

What is snap line used in proe?

Snap Lines are used in Proe drafting to cleanup dimesions in a View, these lines can be switched off after we cleanup dimensions