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100,000 btu input. The output depends on the efficienct rating of the furnace, ie 95%efficient = 95,000 btu output, 80% = 80,000 btu output.

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Q: What size of unit is a rheem model no rrgg10e36jkr?
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What size of unit is a rheem model no at 38b10?

No information

What size is a rheem model rrgf-250-100 rooftop unit?

Its a commercial unit that does heating and cooling.

What model is your air unit?

Rheem model #RRNLB036JK10EBUA

I have a Rheem ac model RAPC 036 JAZ. Does anyone know the BTUs of this unit or where I can find it?


What is the tonnage of a rheem rpka 042jaz?

Most manufacturers put a number related to Btu's of the unit in the model. If Rheem is no different then that 42 represents a 3.5 ton unit as there are 12,000 btu's / ton and 3.5 X 12 = 42.

What year was rheem out door airconditoner model raka 037jaz serial 5429m3096 12530 manufactured?

This unit was manufactured in 1996.

What is the tonnage on a rheem model reab-1005 bds sn tm1786-09-47 with an outside model rcab a025s sn m1786?

2.5 ton unit

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a Rheem RALB36JAZ?

You need to look on the manufacturer's specification plate on the unit for the amperage and voltage.

What is the rheem model rka-030jaz tonnage?

That is a 2 1/2 ton unit. One ton of A/C = 12000 btu. The 30 in the model number refers to 30000 btu.

What is the rheem model rgrl-04 emaes tonnage?

There is no set tonnage rating for furnaces, only the ac units which are attached to them. Since furnaces with multiple blower motor speeds can accommodate several different size ac units. To get your ac units tonnage, get the model # of the outdoor unit and repost.

What is he rheem ac model reab-2015jms tonage?

The AHU unit does not have a tonnage rating, since all AHU`s can accept a number of different tonnage evaporator coils. Your best bet would be to post the condensing unit model and serial#`s.

What is a Rheem Model Rafd-048 jbs tonnage?

4 tons, 48 in the model # is the unit capacity in 1000`s of btu (48,000), There are 12,000 btu in one ton. 48 divided by 12 = 4.