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Q: What size jeans does Maci bookout wear?
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What kind of earrings does maci bookout have?

she wear gauges they look about a size 2 or higher

What type of clothing does maci bookout wear?

I know she gets Miss Me and Big star jeans from the buckle.. and thats most likley were she gets more of herclothing and that. also fox brand racing brands

What brand of jeans does maci wear on teen mom?

Miss Me

If you wear a size two in most jeans what would you wear in mens jeans?

If you wear a size two, you would probably wear about a 23x30 in mens jeans

You wear size 14 jeans what size would you wear in mens jeans?

About 34w30l in mens size.. but the womens jeans are usually more comfortable so I'd stick with them

If wear a 32 waist in womens jeans what size jeans would you wear?

a 14

What size miss you jeans would you wear if you wear a size 4?


What size jeans do you wear?

women size 8

Which jeans size does jenifer lopes wear?

Your mothers size

What is your waist size if you wear a size 3 in jeans?


What size are you in miss me jeans if you are a 18 in regular jeans?

i wear 16 in jeans i have big thighs

What size jeans do u wear?