What size heat pump to heat 1200 sq ft home?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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2 ton unit or smaller. if it's a modern home (modern insulation standards) and you are not an old person who likes is 76F all the time, a 2 ton would be plenty IMO.

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Q: What size heat pump to heat 1200 sq ft home?
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How do you size for a heat pump?

By the cooling load of the home only.

What size heat pump do you need for a 1400 sq ft home?

25 cubic feet

What size heat pump system is needed for 2000 square foot home?

4-5 tons

What size aux heat do you need for heat pump?

An average 3 ton heat pump on a 1200 to 1500 sq ft home in California will typically have a 1500Watt (1.5KW) to 5000 Watt (5 KW) auxiliary heat kit installed. This is not just for emergency heat in case of compressor failure or too low of an ambient temperature to operate a heat pump efficiently, but also to temper the air going into the home while a heat pump defrosts. Since the defrost mode is the AC mode with the outside fan motor of the air going indoors will be refrigerated, this is why the heat strip wil be used to temper the air to avoid having to bring the room back up to where it was when defrost began.

What size heat pump is needed for a 1000 sq ft mobile home?

2 ton

What is the size of a goodman heat pump cplj48-1?

it is a 12 seer 4 ton heat pump

What size heat pump for a 18x33x4.5 deep above ground pool?

The size of a heat pump that you can use for a pool which is 18 feet wide by 33 feet long and has a depth of 4.5 feet can vary depending on specific brand of heat pump you wish to purchase. The minimum size of heat pump for an above ground pool of this size in 102,000 BTU.

What size attic fan is needed for a home measuring 1200 square feet?

My home needs ventilation. What size attic fan would I need for a 1200 square foot house?

What size heat pump system is needed for an 1400 square foot split level home?

2.0 ton or 2.5 ton

What size of heat pump will you need for a 2400sf home?

The rule of thumb is 2-1/2 tons per 1000 square feet.

How do you get size of heat pump?

Check your owners manual for details.

What size is the goodman heat pump model cplj30-1b?

2 1/2 ton heat pump, I believe 12 seer.