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You typically need about 1 ton of cooling per 1,000 square feet. There are 12,000 btu's on one ton of air conditioning. Installing a larger unit thinking that it will work better and cool faster is not recommended at all, and in fact can result in poorer performance. In the case of A/C more is not better ,,, less is bad, too ... just get what you need and all will be good.

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Q: What size central air conditioner do i need for a 1000 sq ft home?
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What is the strongest air conditioner for a home?

If you need a strong air conditioner it's best to go with an external one, that can be pumped through an existing central air duct.

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What are the causes of central air no longer cooling the home?

If your central air conditioner isn't cooling your house anymore, you might need to have more freon or coolant added. You will need to call a professional.

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How do you know if you need air conditioner refrigerant in your home?

If your air conditioner blows air but it's not cold air then you probably need freon in your air conditioner

Central home air conditioner continues to lose freon and requires charging every 2 weeks or so. It has continued for 2 years. Why does a central home air conditioner continue to lose freon?

The answer should seem obvious... you have a leak. It could be anywhere in the system, which is unfortunate for you. You'll probably need a tech to come and do a leak test on your system.

How do you check freon level in home central air conditioner?

Actually no technical skills needed to check the Freon level. Home central air conditioners have a Freon scale on it. One just need to read the scale and determine whether the level of Freon is sufficient.

What size home air conditioner is proper for my home?

You have approximately 1200 square feet home and it is known by the Manual J method that 1 ton central AC will cool down approximately 500 sq ft. Based on this fact, you would need 2-2.5 ton central AC.

How do you clean home ac?

To clean the home air conditioner, you need to change the filter on a monthly basis.

What was the need for the air conditioner?

To make vehicles, businesses and home more comfortable................