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Q: What size are the puller bolt holes on a 3.3 balancer?
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Removal and installation of a harmonic balancer for a 1993 cutlass ciera?

Remove the large bolt (in center of balancer) then attach a puller by using three(3) bolts of the right size and threads screwed into the holes that are one hundred and tventy degrees(120*)appart that are located toward the periphery(outside) of the balancer and then turn the large center bolt of the puller that is in the depressed area of the crankshaft and the pulley should slide off the crankshaft. The most difficult part of this operation may be in loosening the large center bolt, but that is very easily accomplished by using an impact wrench.

3.3 Buick century how to remove harmonic balancer?

1. Remove right front wheel. 2. Remove the cover from the inside fender. 3. Remove the small inspection cover between the engine and transaxle to expose the bottom of the flywheel. Jam a big screwdriver in a tooth of the flywheel and wedge it against the side of the opening and the floor or have an assistant hold it. 4. Use a big ratchet, at least a foot and half long and a cheater pipe another foot and a half to generate the 200+ foot pounds to remove the bolt from the center of the balancer. 5. Use a harmonic balancer puller to remove the balancer. A kit may not have the right size bolts to thread into the two holes in the balancer and you'll have to hunt for the right ones at a hardware store. They may be smaller in diameter than what come with the puller. Good luck. 2. The 3.8 Buick harmonic balancer requires a special puller. But, if you purchase three 4" long, 6mm diameter, 0.1 thread bolts and three heavy duty washers you can use a standard 3 hole puller to remove the balancer. The threaded holes for the 6mm bolts are about 2" inside the access opennings that are located on the face of the balancer. You will need to place the heavy duty washers on the 6mm bolts brfore they are used with the puller. The hex heads on the bolts are to small for the standard type puller and the washers will support the torque required to remove the balancer.

How do you take a harmonic balancer off of a 1995 Buick Riviera?

Remove the belt(s). Raise the passenger side front tire, support car with jack stand, and remove front tire. Remove the plastic access panel in the wheel opening. You only have to take out the pop-in fasteners on the front half and then bend the panel so that it is out of the way. Using a 24mm socket or wrench, remove the harmonic balancer bolt. It is tight and an impact wrench would be useful here. You will need a universal type balancer puller, such as the ones Snap-On and others sell which have 4 slots. There are 3 oval openings in the face of the balancer. Under these slots are threaded holes to attach the puller screws. The holes are 1/4 inch fine thread (1/4-28 UNF). You will need three 1/4-28 x 3 inch long screws. The screws in my puller kit weren't long enough so I had to get some at a local hardware store. Attach the puller to the balancer being careful not to run the ends of the screws in too far. About 1/4 inch in is OK. Depending on the size of your puller's center bolt, you may have to put some sort of spacer into the opening for the balancer screw to keep from damaging the crankshaft. I used a small deep-well socket. Run the puller's center screw in slowly until it begins to tighten up against the bottom of the hole or puller, whichever is the case. I used an air impact wrench to tighten the puller and remove the balancer. If this is not available, you may have to hold the balancer with a strap wrench to keep it from turning. Just be careful not to damage the underside of the balancer which has the sensor rings attached to it.

What size bolt is the harmonic balancer bolt for a 2002 4.7 Dodge Engine?


What size bolt holds on a harmonic balancer for a 1997 dodge avenger?


How do you remove harmonic balancer 1999 Plymouth breeze 2.4?

Just finished doing that chore on the same model. I went and rented a Chrysler balancer puller from Auto-Zone for only a $60.00 deposit, which will be returned in full upon return. "Free" A regular 3-jaw puller will not be strong enough in a size that will fit, and it must push from the back of the hole where the balancer bolt goes. This is one job where the proper tool is required given the clearance involved. The deposit fee at autozone is now $88.

1988 Nissan Z 2.4 cranskshaft bolt socket size harmonic balancer-ie. crankshaft pulley assembly center bolt?


What size of Allen key fits the bolt for the bottom idler puller?

Type and year of car would help.

What is the size of the harmonic balancer bolt on a 91 jeep Cherokee 4.0 engine?

1/2-20x1 1/2

What size bolt hold the Harmoic balancer on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

The bolt on my 1994 jeep Cherokee is a 19 mm. I don't know if it's the same, but i bet it is.

What size puller is needed to pull centrifugal clutch on a 1999 Honda TRX 250 Recon?

you can use a harmonic balancer puller for a car to remove it no problem hardest part is removing the nut that holds it on it is left hand thread so righty loosy lefty tighty

What size are the bolt holes on the rotor on a 2008 Subaru Outback?

Not sure about the hole but the stud size is M12 X 1.25