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Use properly installed seat belts.

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Q: What single safety practice can prevent most injuries due to auto accidents?
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Why should follow safety rules?

Safety rules should be followed to prevent injuries. Most safety rules have developed as a result of accidents by others in the past, so this is a way of learning from their mistakes.

Safety at home?

safety at home is a protective ways to prevent a accidents

What are four factors related to workplace accidents and injuries?

lack of practice and emergency plan, lack of awareness of dangers, failure to use safety equipment, carelessness of workers.

What is the safety protocol in a lab classroom?

The set of rules to follow to avoid accidents and injuries

What are the safety guidelines of the laboratory?

prevent accidents occuring in the lab

What are the implications of the law of motion on safety and protection?

to prevent the accidents in our community

Who within the field-level facility responds to accidents illnesses injuries and other incident emergencies?

The Safety Officer in the field level facility responds to accidents, illnesses, injuries, and other incident emergencies.

Why are child and worker safety important?

Child and worker safety is important to prevent injuries. These cause the workforce to lose confidence and become less productive as a result of injuries.

What is safety in workplace?

Safety in the workplace is ensuring every employee follows safety protocols in order to prevent accidents. The safety requirements are different for each company.

Which are included among safety measures to prevent weather-related injuries?

All of the above

What statement relate the importance of safety and the army mission?

Accidents are an unavoidable byproduct of the Army mission. This statement implies carelessness and that certain safety measures will not prevent accidents. All accidents must be reported to the commander as soon as possible.

What is the objectives of safety precautions?

The purpose of safety precautions is to prevent injuries, illnesses, or property damage resulting from unexpected or unintended events, or to prevent those events from happening..