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be unhealthy...

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Q: What shouldn't you do when trying to stay healthy?
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How long you have stay away from people?

you shouldnt.

When a person is trying to eat healthy he or she should stay away from?

Unhealthy food,drink and smoke/smokers

How can you drop a shirt size if you have no fat?

you shouldnt need to. Just watch what healthy things you eat.

Does richard wisker smoke?

no he's fit and in order to stay that way he shouldnt smoke

Why a chef to stay healthy?

Because they need to stay healthy

Can you possibly stay with someone who is always calling you names and putting you down?

its possible but u shouldnt.

Are buns healthy?

They are bread. So if your trying to stay on a diet. Try and stay away from a lot of bread products. They contain starch and tons of carbs that are not good for you. A little is fine but not a lot.

How do you get out of a toxic relationship and stay healthy?

you answered your own question get out and stay healthy

How did catain author Philip stay healthy?

how did captain author phillip stay healthy

How do Italians stay healthy?

by eating healthy

What happens if you dont stay healthy?

There are many very bad things that could happen if you don't stay healthy. If you don't stay healthy you could die early.

What if your trying to lose weight but you don't eat veggies?

Then your servings will be really small, and it will be hard for you to get enough nutrients and fibers to stay healthy in the long run.