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Sinus colds are caused by viruses. While there is nothing you can take to get rid of a sinus cold instantly, there are many different supplements you can take to help deal with the symptoms and to speed your recovery.

Vitamin C and Zinc have been shown in various clinical studies to help speed recovery and build the immune system. Preparations containing psuedoephedrine can help alleviate sinus congestion.

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Q: What should you take to get rid of a sinus cold?
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What should you do to get rid of a cold faster?

Take lots of vitamin C.

Should you get rid of a toothbrush you used when you had a cold?

i would

How do you get rid of a cold?

take med sleep drink and wait

Twitching pain in the sinus behind ears persits after use of antibiotic also. What is the medicine to get rid of this?

Mabey you should contact your doctor?

Which cell gets rid of a cold?

if i am correct, bacteria should get rid of it(bacteria is the reason you stay healthy

How do you get rid of severe cold sores in your mouth?

Take a Lysine suplament.

How long does it take before amoxicillin makes you feel better from a sinus infection?

You should notice improvement in about three days if it's working. It should take the time you were prescribed for to get rid of it fully. Sometimes though the doctor's (or nurse's) judgment is off and you need a longer time slot of antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

Is it safe to run in cold weather when you have a cold or flu?

No. Getting out in the sun may help get rid of a cold, but running or any physical exercise is contraindicated (not good) when you have a cold. Your body needs rest to do the work to get rid of your cold, so you should avoid strenuous exercise like running if you want to get rid of a cold faster.

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How To Get Rid Of A Black Eye?

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Do cold tablets get rid of colds?

I do not think they get rid of colds but they help in cold symptoms.