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we should correct it

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Q: What should you do when you do something wrong?
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Is there something wrong with having a crush on a boy?

If you are a girl then no. of course not "why should there be something wrong with that". instead that should be great because you can have something to think about. and it doesnt matter what gender you are.

Is there a difference between Medical Malpractice and Medical Neglect?

Malpractice is that you DID something wrong that you should have known was wrong. Negligence means that you failed to do something that you should have done.

What should you say to your girlfriend when something is wrong?

you should say that you are sorry for what you have done.

How do you unlock the options for guitar hero on tour modern hits?

The options should already be unlocked on your game, unless something is wrong. If there is something wrong, contact the company and tell them what is wrong. Options should always be unlocked.

Should you curse out your boyfriend if he did something wrong?

well yeah

Is there something wrong with my hamster?

If you believe something is wrong with your pet you should see a vet or a rodent specialist to help as soon as possible. Whatever is wrong with your hamster could kill it.

Should this be wrong to be so angry against me because I challenge him?

No. Something's probably wrong with HIM. (personality disorder)

What should you do if your bunny is screeching?

First of all, you must be doing something really wrong if your rabbit is screeching, or something is wrong with the bunny. If you have done nothing to upset the rabbit, take it to the vet, because something might be wrong internally

If you like getting attention even if you do something wrong to get it what should you do?

yes, you definitely should! definitely

Should teens go to an alternative school?

i think that they should only if they have did something terrifically wrong.

What does it mean to dream of tools?

that you should try to fix something that you know is wrong

What should be your attitude when something seems to go wrong?

Fair and slightly understandable.