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To relieve dizziness, go to a well-ventilated area and sit still for a while.

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Q: What should you do to relieve dizziness?
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What is the side effect of voltalin suppository?

Voltalin Suppository is a suppository medication used to relieve pain and inflammation. Side effects include: drowsiness, dizziness, or vision disturbances such as blurriness.

How do you use the word relieve in a sentence?

"There are some mild analgesics used to relieve pain." "The new lanes should relieve some of the traffic congestion on the bridge." "I went to the bathroom to relieve myself."

Why should you use profanity?

to relieve stress..

What does it mean when you have twitching lips and dizziness in the head?

You may be having a stroke if you have twitching lips and dizziness in the head. You should seek immediate medical attention.

Does gum lancing relieve the pain of teething?

You should consult your doctor or pharmacist for effective medicines to relieve swelling and pain.

Should you try to relieve chokng if an infant is coughing loudly?


What should you do to relieve from pain after stung by bee?

Put ice on it

What kinds of foods should you take to relieve hyperacidity Why?

To relieve hyperacidity, you should eat bland foods. This will help to lower the acidity in your system. This includes bananas, rice, and bread products.

What causes dizziness nausea and blood in urine?

Nausea and dizziness coupled with blood in the urine should be evaluated by a doctor. This can be a serious condition that requires medication and possibly hospitalization and testing.

When should casualties with head injury seek medical advice?

When you feel dizziness or sickness

Is dizziness a sign of low blood pressure?

Dizziness is one symptom of low blood pressure. You should probably get checked out by your doctor, just to make sure that nothing too serious is wrong with you. Best wishes.

What are the side effects of the staph infection?

blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes